Update – Immigration – Deferrals

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Please note that as things stand today, February 13, 2015 at 1:15 p.m. United States House of Representatives Republicans have made 2015 budget and funding for the Department of Homeland Security contingent on a roll back of the November 2014 Executive Action of President Obama.  This would mean that the expanded availability of Deferred Action would no longer be available.  The current language in the House Republicans budget bill to roll back the Executive Action could lead to the deportation of even the young undocumented immigrants brought here as children and who often apply for “DACA” relief to work and live in this country.  The Senate has not passed the budget proposed by the House with this rollback included and in fact, has not even been allowed to debate it because Senate Democrats are blocking the bill procedurally.  However, the House Leader, Boehner has stated that the House Republicans will not revisit or amend the budget to remove the roll back.  As a result, at this point, it is unclear how things will proceed, if at all.   

I will be monitoring these developments very closely in order to provide my clients with the most up to date and accurate information about both the legal and political issues they need to know and prepare for when considering immigration issues.